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Our main financial consultancy services at Tole and Associates is to offer financial advisory services to governments, companies, individuals and organizations on how they can be able to access funds for their projects from various alternative sources of financing. In addition we also assist governments, companies, individuals and organizations with advice on where to invest funds in a way that will bring better returns than the traditional avenues.

Tole and Associates brings a competitive edge to the market by looking for alternative methods rather than the traditional methods of accessing funds; and offers advice on alternative financing sources, which are at times cheaper and faster to access compared to traditional financing sources.

Our clients should expect high quality services from us as we are discreet and ethical in our processes and procedures. We at Tole and Associates favor projects that have a social impact and are good to the environment and society as a whole.

Our financial partners are mainly private individuals, philanthropists, venture capitalists and high net worth individuals. Tole and Associates is ready to work with all clients including; startups, established companies, central and county governments and many others who seek financing for projects with huge social impact. Our minimum funding sources usually deal with amounts above US$ 1 million.

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