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About Us

Tole and Associates offers a range of services from consulting, to development to arranging for financing for various clients. The firm was first registered in 2008 and our offices are at Anniversary Towers, University Way M1 and Wa Jomvu Suites, Mbaraki Street Mombasa. Our experienced associates provide a full range of services including consultancy on finance and development. We offer services on starting projects from conception and design to implementation and management.
We collaborate closely with our clients, equipping them to better meet the challenges of today, while preparing them to exploit tomorrow’s opportunities. Through our wide range of resources, we go beyond strategy. We provide the necessary technology architecture and implementation that well positions our clients to transform and to achieve operational excellence, management complexity, better understand, predict and control risk and develop practical and productive responses to the required regulations involved in projects.
Ours is a systems approach to development and technology. Through this systems integration approcha, we are able to provide solutins to a wide range chanllenges in technology, finance in a sustainable development manner. Tole and Associates continue to address challenging issues and to evolve innovation and capability, in an environment of ever-increasing competition and change. Our wide understandings of the different systems include but are not limited to the following technologies:

  • Audiovisual.
  • Broadcasting.
  • Communications.
  • Information and Communications.
  • Energy.

Our clientele include

  • National and county governments and their various organs.
  • Bilateral and Multilateral organizations and development aid agencies
  • Leading financial and non-financial companies involved in infrastructure finance and development
  • Large public and private sector enterprises engaged in various projects
  • Private equity firms and co-operative societies involved in various sectors of development.
  • Venture capitalists and philanthropic investors.

And many others.

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Anniversary Towers, M1, University Way, Kenya
Wa Jomvu Suites, Mbaraki Street, Mombasa